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Buffalo Soldiers

United States Army 9th Cavalry
 38th, 9th and 10th 
Cavalry Regiments
24th and 25th Infantry Regiments
 125th U.S. Colored Troops

1866 Fort Bayard, New Mexico Territory

Walter Loving
Played in 24th infantry and at Ft Bayard circa 1890s. At the close of WWII he was killed in the Philippines.

Private William Cobbs

This photo of William Cobbs (1874-1949) was taken in the Aultman Studio (Trinidad, Colo.) by Oliver E. Aultman (1867-1953) in 1894. The Aultman Studio register identifies the both the date of the photograph and the subject pictured. Cobbs poses in his infantry uniform with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He wears a white bow tie and a forager's cap. The metal insignia on his cap is composed of two crossed rifles with the number "24" and the letter "F" between them. A studio backdrop painted with flowers is visible behind him. Cobbs was a "buffalo soldier" in the 24th Infantry Regiment, stationed in New Mexico.

Cobbs served as a private with the U.S. Army 24th Infantry, Company F, who were mostly stationed in Fort Bayard, New Mexico during Cobbs’ years of enlistment. Known as one of the Buffalo Soldier regiments, the 24th was led by Colonel Zenas R. Bliss (1835-1900), and primarily went on scouting expeditions to help keep the peace in the southwest after the American Indian Wars. Cobbs stayed with the 24th from 1891 until he was discharged in 1896. During the Pullman Strike of 1894, the 24th was one the regiments sent to Trinidad to help subdue striking railroad workers. This brief stay in Trinidad would have given Cobbs the chance to have his portrait taken by the Aultman Studio.

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